1. Are the placemats, napkins and flatware you sell, the best and can I get a better deal elsewhere?

Yes, you will LOVE our products and NO, you will not get a fairer deal elsewhere. Next question

2. How do I take care of my handloom products?

These beautiful handloom pieces are surprisingly durable and hardwearing. In places like India and Sri Lanka, handloom products are routinely used in hotels and restaurants because they are easy to care for and looks good wash after wash.

The product comes to you with an allowance for shrinkage. Please follow the care instructions and your investment will give you many (many!) years of faithful service.

 3. What is Fair Trade, and what does it mean to buy a Fair-Trade guaranteed product?

A product that is Fair Trade guaranteed has been made and brought to you in way that ensures the highest ethical standards. By choosing to buy a Fair-Trade guaranteed product you are part of the solution that helps to prevent the exploitation of workers in vulnerable communities.

….and yes, Serenloom is proud to work exclusively with Fair-Trade guaranteed vendors, that is our promise to you.

To learn more about Fair Trade practices and principals, please visit the World Fair Trade Organization at https://wfto.com/who-we-are