Learn About Handloom

You will hear the rhythmic clickety-clack long before you see the weaver engrossed in her artwork. She sees you and offers a smile and a warm welcome.

This is Sri Lanka, the paradise island with endless   beaches, timeless ruins, welcoming people and a rich heritage that will captivate your imagination.  The woman you see is weaving using a traditional method 2,500 years in the making.

The process begins with cotton, handspun to create yarn which is then colored with natural dyes.

 Once dyed the yarn is wound onto bobbins so its ready to attach to the loom and shuttle.

Weaving is done by interlacing two sets of yarn (warp and weft) to create fabric.

Watching a weaver skillfully working the foot pedals of the loom while throwing the shuttle in perfect harmony is mesmerizing. It is easy to appreciate the skill and devotion to the artform which is passed down from generation to generation.

The handloom industry in Sri Lanka plays an important role in providing a livelihood to rural communities, particularly women who have less opportunities to work away from their homes. 

Fair Trade practices, guarantee them fair wages, providing economic empowerment helping to build self-esteem and strengthen communities.