Straight to the Source: Know What You’re Buying

Look around you, at the things that fill your home, your treasured items, your knickknacks, and your daily-use necessities. Do you know where your belongings come from? Do you know their stories? More importantly, would you like to?

When it comes to tracing the origins of the things you buy, knowledge is power. When you understand what you’re buying and who you are buying it from, you are not just receiving a tiny piece of history and tradition. You are using your dollar to empower communities and livelihoods. You have the ability to make your choices matter.

At Serenloom, we take great care in knowing what we are selling, so you can know what you are buying. That’s why we are proud to sell handloomed table linens and flatware sourced directly from Sri Lanka. Every item in our catalog is Fair Trade certified, so you can feel confident about your selections.

A Piece of Tradition

Serenloom’s table linens are exclusively handloom-crafted, which means that no two are exactly alike. So what exactly is handloom?

Handloom weaving is a traditional form of textile production. It is a hand-operated machine and requires no electricity, which makes it one of the eco-friendliest textile production methods. 

Handloom artisans use natural fibers like cotton, wool, silk, and jute, to create unique, individual fabrics. These are then turned into clothing, cloth, and household items, like Serenloom’s table linens. So often, this method is a family tradition, handed down through generations.

With Serenloom’s dedication to ethical, traceable sourcing, you can rest assured that you know exactly where your product comes from and the tradition that was instrumental in creating it.

The Ethical Choice

Why is it important to know where your products come from? Beyond the heritage, culture, and craftsmanship that goes into making each individual piece, all of Serenloom’s vendors are FairTrade certified, and that is our promise to you. 

When you buy FairTrade products, you are making a statement. You are saying that you are part of a movement that is dedicated to the highest ethical standards of manufacturing, buying, and selling.

Serenloom’s FairTrade purchasing ensures that local communities earn a fair wage for selling their products. The farmers, spinners, weavers, and craftsmen who had a hand in creating your unique items make a living wage, and are able to support their families and communities, paving the way for future change.

You’ve heard the phrase “vote with your dollar.” When you use your money to buy Serenloom’s FairTrade products, you are using that dollar to vote for a world that is just that little bit more environmentally friendly, more sustainable, and more fair overall.

When you know the origins of a product – that is, when you understand the systems, structures, and ways of life that went into creating it – you are empowered to make a choice.

When you know where you’re coming from, you will always know where you are going.